Frank M. Rarig lived at several locations in the park, but finally settled at 111 Orlin. Rarig Center at the University of Minnesota is named for him. He was the head of the Speech Department at the University from 1908 to 1948. The building that bears his name houses the Theater Arts and Dance Departments of the University. Bill Hathaway (111 Orlin), writing of Rarig's political involvement, related:

FDR from his first term had wanted a veep candidate from the Midwest to replace John Nance Garner, who was too Texan for a Roosevelt.  Was it Garner, whom John L. Lewis called an evil, whisky-drink­ing, tobacco-chewing old man?  Roosevelt was attracted by Floyd B. Olson, but Olson died.  So Roosevelt was looking for a Midwesterner to balance the ticket.  FDR lucked out in 1940 with Harry Truman, who had headed up the committee to uncover profiteering in the defense program, but the 4th term in 1944 presented a tough politi­cal problem in Minnesota.  The division of liberals between the Farmer Labor Party and the Democrats could split the Minnesota presidential vote, so the Republicans could pick up the state's electoral vote.  Jim Farley, his Postmaster General, was dispatched to Minneapolis to get the two to merge.  He stayed downtown at the old Nicollet Hotel where he met with Democratic Party leaders, then came to Prospect Park to this very house in which I write.  Our friend Kate prepared and served dinner, then Frank Rarig and Farley adjourned to Rarig's (now my) study.  Rarig asked Kate to stay until their discussion was con­cluded and then to drive Farley to his hotel in time for the morning train.  She did, and soon thereafter meetings were scheduled of leaders of both parties.  Out of these came the convention voting to unite the parties—presided over, of course, by the young mayor of Minneapolis, Hubert Humphrey, and creating the hyphenated Democratic-Farmer Labor Party.

Under the Witch’s Hat:  A Prospect Park East River Road History 2003
Prospect Park History Committee, Dean Abrahamson, Editor

Prospect Park Home Office

The office space of Edit Design Build Studio is located in our 1898 home in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. The 216 square foot room and fireplace were added to the original home in 1934, as a study and library for then owner Frank M. Rarig, Professor and Chairman of the Speech Department at the University of Minnesota. (Click here for a brief historical anecdote about the room that houses our current office.) For nearly ninety years, the room functioned as a study for various owners, but it had become clear that the space needed significant improvements in both infrastructure and aesthetics. All cabinetry, walls and ceilings were removed, saving only the original flooring and brick fireplace. Windows were replaced with custom Marvin windows, and trim was milled to match the rest of the original home. The new layout allows for two large desks, while the custom cabinetry and fireplace surround create an unexpected amount of storage space for supplies, files and samples. The vastly improved lighting plan is accented with the reinstallation of the original wall sconces on the fireplace wall. The use of Sherwin Williams’s “Cyberspace” enamel paint for the cabinetry and fireplace surround paired with textured brass hardware creates a sophisticated backdrop for Edit Design Build Studio’s home office.